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Royal Bank of Canada

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By Laura M

On 18, Sep 2014 | No Comments | In | By Laura M

Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) wanted to create a completely secure way to submit a loan application digitally without losing the face-to-face time between their loan officers and potential applicants. My team at Maloney Strategic Communications (MSC) came up with a solution: a paperless loan application. The loan officer would present the customer with this CD sleeve that would contain their business cards and instructions on how to apply. The sleeve contained an interactive CD that would launch the step-by-step loan application process. Once the applicant finished the loan application, they would be prompted to save the loan on the zip drive provided in the sleeve. The applicant would then take the zip drive back to the loan officer, where the loan officer would load the application to their computer and return the zip drive to the applicant so that they could keep the zip drive and utilize it in the future.

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